Toddler Activities, Crafts and Play

Toddlers develop through observation, their toddler activities, arts and crafts, and play. Its their full time occupation; its how they learn about the world around them.

Toddler with bucket and spade They are driven by their natural curiosity and the stimulation and challenge of their environment.

By experiencing and experimenting with this environment they quickly develop their physical and mental capabilities.

You can create a stimulating environment by providing a variety of educational toys, physical activities and toddler arts and crafts.

The list below provides examples of the activities and toys that allow toddlers to develop their fine and gross motor skills, imagination and creativity, and learning activities for developing an interest and understanding of the world they live in.

It is not exhaustive by any means but gives the general idea.

Fine or small motor skills: pop-up toys with dials knobs and buttons to manipulate, shape sorting toys and jigsaws, stacking and nesting beakers, blocks and stickle bricks.

Gross or large motor skills: push and pull toys, riding toys, bikes, climbing frames, swings and trampolines.

Learning activities to understand the world around them: water play and toys, sand play and toys, blowing bubbles, using small garden implements, using toy handyman tools, playing with vehicles of all types, containers and boxes to fill and empty.

Imagination: pretend games, dressing up, farmyards and animals, fire stations and fire engines, train sets, gas station and garage sets, dolls and doll houses.

Creativity: toddler arts and crafts with crayons and paper, clay, plasticine and dough, paints and brushes, scrapbooks and glue.

The goal is to keep your toddler stimulated and challenged with a regular stream of toddler crafts, indoor activities, outdoor play

and other fun activities.

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