About ToddlerBasics.com

Hi, my name is Geoff, a new grandparent living in sunny South Africa. My daughter has produced two absolutely fantastic grandchildren (well I would say that wouldn't I!!) and in the process given me the inspiration to create this site.

As a new grandparent I have been regularly surprised about the differences between looking after young children in the 21st Century and looking after my own children back in the 20th Century.

Now there is legislation to protect young children, mountains of information available in books and on the internet providing advice and guidance, and hundreds of retailers focusing products on the toddler.

It's not easy to find your way amongst this avalanche of information and products. Hence the idea for this site. To concentrate on the basics of bringing up and nurturing a toddler.

My daughter is a working mum and her friends with toddlers are also working mums. The content of this site is based on research and the practical experiences of these new mothers and of course the new grandparents.

Therefore the site should be used as a source of useful information and as a gateway to finding what you need. As such, use of the site has to be at the sole risk of the user.

The site will be expanded over time, so visit regularly, and if you have any comments or ideas for content please contact me via the contact page.

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