The Wonderful World of Toddler Beds

Are toddler beds important? I would have to say yes, and from a toddler's perspective the answer is definitely yes.

Toddler in a Bed

A toddler's bedroom is a magical place. It's where they unwind at the end of the day. Squeaky clean from their bath they are ready for a story or to tell you about the day's adventures.

Their bed is their den, their little piece of the world and it needs to be comfortable and safe.

My grandson moved from his cot to a futon at 15 months. A futon is low to the ground so there was no danger from falling.

A few weeks later he was in a normal twin bed, a big bed like mummy and daddy. He was so proud.

Your options for a suitable bed are many. The choices include a platform, sleigh, bunk , loft, canopy or box spring frame bed.

Also, if you go on holiday a viable option is to have a portable travel bed

which provides a familiar bed for your toddler whether you stay with friends or at a hotel.

Lastly, if you want to make your toddler's bedroom really special you can opt for a theme bed based on a cartoon character, TV series, car or whatever is popular for kids.

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