Indoor Toddler Activities

There are probably hundreds of indoor toddler activities that can be used to entertain and engage toddlers. But the ones you end up doing are usually initiated by the specific interests and curiosity of your toddler.

Toddler in chefs hat All toddlers naturally get involved in activities that stimulate their imagination and creativity and/or challenge them to develop their fine and gross motor skills.

But as each toddler's development is different so the activities that stimulate them can be different.

So experiment, provide a wide variety of activities and take the lead from your toddler.

My grandson loved playing with water between the age of 18 and 24 months.

Having a double sink we sat him in one and allowed him to play with water in the other.

He used to fill and pour, pretend to clean things, empty the sink and fill it again. Sometimes it was difficult to make him stop!

He also used to love stirring the mixture while cooking apple muffins with his mum and would run off and get his chef's hat as soon as the bowls, flour and apples were on the kitchen counter.

The table below is a sample of the activities he loved doing:

Playing hide and seekSweeping the floor
Pretend gamesPolishing the table
Blowing bubblesPlaying with cardboard boxes
Playing with shapesBuilding hiding places with cushions
Building towersPlaying with a farmyard set
Playing with puzzlesPlaying with refrigerator magnets
Doing JigsawsRiding a push motorbike
Dressing upPlaying with water
Colouring and drawingMixing dough
Playing with a tool setPlaying with plasticine

The options for activities are unlimited, so let your imagination and the curiosity and interest of your toddler generate an ample supply.

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