Toddler Development and Growth

The pace of toddler development and growth is different for each child. This is because each child is a unique little person with a unique temperament, stimulated in different ways and by different things.
Toddler boy in cart

Entry into toddlerhood is signalled by the first unsteady steps a child takes learning to walk.

Most children do this between 11 and 15 months.

Then throughout the next two years they rapidly develop their physical, mental, language and social skills.

Each skill set develops at different rates.

My grandson's toddler development progressed as follows:

At 18 months, he could walk well, run awkwardly, climb stairs holding with one hand, throw a ball and climb into a chair. He could scribble, balance two or three blocks on top of each other and manipulate buttons and levers.

He could feed himself but spilt a lot of food, pull off items of clothing and point out various parts of his body. He copied adult behaviour. He liked looking at books, spoke 20 or so words and could identify a few objects.

At 24 months, he could run well, climb stairs unaided, kick and throw balls and attempt to climb all manner of things. He tried drawing curves and lines, built block towers and knocked them down, and put shapes into appropriate holes.

He could use cutlery with little spilt food, drink from a cup and put on items of clothing. He felt uncomfortable with soiled diapers and attempts were made at toilet training.

He used sentences, referred to himself as me and used the word mine. He enjoyed books and learnt parts of the stories and could identify objects and animals. He was fiercely independent and would say no often as he wanted to do things his way. Tantrums were common

At 36 months, he could hop, jump from a step, ride a tricycle and swim with arm bands. He could hammer in nails and pull them out, hit a ball with a bat, kick and throw a ball well.

He was potty trained but had accidents. He had friends and could play together with a friend. He could recite songs. He could tell you about his day's adventures, hold a conversation and talk on the telephone. He could ask why.

He liked looking at books and magazines, pointing out things he knew and asking questions about things he didn't. He still wanted to do things his way and still threw tantrums.

When I think back there are lots of little things he could do at the various ages but you get the idea of the progress.

All in all his toddler development was quite a journey in two years. The key elements though are walking, talking, potty training, tantrums and the need for gentle discipline.

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