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Welcome to the toddler toy puzzles store.

This store contains puzzles designed to develop toddlers fine motor skills, their cognitive processes and their visual awareness. There are wooden puzzles, magnetic puzzles, mix and match puzzle sets and puzzle blocks.

The wooden puzzles contain pictures under the puzzle pieces for easier recognition and the pieces have small pegs which make it easier for toddlers to grasp and manipulate.

With the magnetic puzzles the pieces are magnetic and stick to the base which is great when you are traveling in a car!

The mix and match puzzles have pieces that are similar in shape. The puzzles have a theme such as animals, fish or cars. So the puzzle pieces can be matched to their correct spot in the puzzle or put in another position to create a different animal or vehicle.

With the puzzle blocks there are usually nine blocks. Each block has part of a different picture on each of its six sides. So when a toddler is assembling one of the six possible pictures he or she needs to find the correct side on each of the nine blocks to assemble the picture correctly. Quite challenging for a young brain!

Good luck with your browsing!

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