Toddler Party Games and Themes

Toddler party games are a great way to get everyone to mingle and participate at the start of a birthday party.

Toddler birthday party

Initially some kids are new to each other and some are shy. By involving them in a game, the ice is broken and everyone relaxes and focuses on having fun and enjoying the birthday festivities.

The simple games seem to work well.

Games such as:

Musical Chairs - The game starts with one less chair than the number of players. Initially all kids are standing and walking around the chairs to music. When the music stops everyone rushes to sit on a chair. The one without a chair is out of the game, another chair is removed and the music starts. This is repeated until only one player remains as the winner.

Pass the Parcel - A many layered parcel with a gift in the middle is passed around by the toddlers to music. When the music stops the toddler with the parcel tears off a layer. When the music starts again the parcel is passed on. The toddler who tears off the last layer receives the gift. For younger toddlers a good variation is to add smaller gifts into each of the layers and stop the music so that everyone gets a gift when they tear off a layer.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey - A large picture of a donkey without a tail is tacked to a wall. In turn, each toddler is blindfolded and given a paper or cord tail with Prestik on the end. The blindfolded toddler is first spun around to be disoriented and then has to press the tail on the donkey. The toddler who sticks his/her tail nearest to the donkey's rear wins.

Musical Statues - When the music is playing all kids must dance, jiggle or move to the music. When the music stops all must freeze. The last one to freeze is eliminated from the game. The music is started again and all start dancing when it stops another is eliminated. The last one left is the winner.

Some of these toddler party games have been around for years, I played them when I was a kid. There are many more. An Internet search will produce lots of ideas.

For the younger toddlers who haven't learnt to take turns or follow rules its best to have group activities. Activities such as singing nursery rhymes, catching bubbles, searching for sweets, or playing in a sand pit.

A nice touch for a birthday party is to have a theme.

This can be done as a fancy dress where everyone is told beforehand to come as a pirate, cowboy or hero character.

That way the build up to the party is exciting for everyone as they put together their outfits.

Alternatively, the theme can be a surprise to the invitees on arrival.

The venue is decorated in the theme and the paper cups, paper plates, prizes and gifts are all matched to the theme.

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