Toddler Board Games

Toddler board games are designed to be played by toddlers aged three years and above. They have simple rules and toddler size game pieces.

The games encourage toddlers to share and play together in a more formalized way. They learn to play by simple rules and to take turns in playing. In so doing they learn to be patient and to have respect for others.

Most games require color and number recognition and basic counting math. So these games are good for improving these basic skills in your toddler.

The only difficulty seems to be picking a simple game to get your toddler started. Two good games for this are the Snails Pace Race and Candy Land.

Snails Pace Race

This is an excellent first game for toddlers. It is a game for two to six players. The board has six lanes one for each colored snail. The board is setup with each snail on its respective color at the starting line.

There are two wooden dice with colors on the six sides similar to the colors of the six wooden snail pieces. Each player rolls the two dice in turn.

Whichever colors come up on the two dice the similar colored snails are moved one space forward on the board. So each player gets to move two snails one space each or one snail two spaces depending on the colors on top of the two dice.

As the game progress players try to predict which snail will finish first. Its the snails that are racing so no player wins or loses. Players don't lose a turn or get stopped or sent back to the start. Its fun, non-competitive and only requires color recognition. A great first board game!

Candy Land

This game for two to four players is in the form of a race across a winding path to find the king of Candy Land. There are many spaces on the track most of which are colored in one of six colors. The rest are recognizable symbols of the characters in the game.

Players take turns in drawing a card from the top of a stack. The cards mostly have one of the six colors and the player moves his or her gingerbread man marker to the next space of that color. Some cards have two marks of a color and then the player moves the marker ahead to the second next space of that color.

If the card is a recognizable symbol the player moves directly to the location of that symbol on the path, which could be ahead or behind the current position. There are also some pitfalls along the way where you can get stuck and miss a turn or turns. But there are also shortcuts which take you further along the path.

The winner is the first player who lands on or passes the final space to reach Candy Castle.

The game is fun because of all the candy references and it only needs color and symbol recognition skills to play.

Another two popular board games for toddlers are:

Hi Ho Cherry-O

Chutes and Ladders

In my mind, there is no doubt that toddler board games are an important component of a toddler's development. They teach respect for others, playing to the rules, taking turns and having competitive fun while exercising the brain.

They also allow the whole family to play and have fun together!

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