Toddler Bathroom Safety

Welcome to the Toddler Bathroom Safety store.

This store contains a range of bathroom safety products designed to protect toddlers and babies from accidental injury while in the bathroom.

Open toilet seats are a potential drowning danger as well as a repository for toys. Inquisitive and curious toddlers can be protected by installing simple locking mechanisms on the toilet seat.

At bath time toddlers can slip under the water or fall against the water spouts. Using non-slip bath mats and spout covers protects against these possibilities.

With spout covers available in all sorts of animal and character shapes such as Moby the whale, Froggie, Sesame Street characters and Munchkin Surfer Ducky these covers are a source of fun as well as protection.

The store also contains many other useful items like across the bath storage baskets, safety bath thermometers, hair washing shampoo visors and bubble bath dispensers.

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