Cabinet Locks and Straps

Welcome to the Cabinet Locks and Straps store.

This store contains a range of locks and latches designed to protect toddlers and babies from the contents of cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

Bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards and drawers can contain a variety of liquids, pills and utensils which can be potentially dangerous, so its wise to ensure they are safely locked away from inquisitive toddlers.

There are various types of lock available including an adhesive mount magnetic version which can be installed without tools or drilling!

There are also furniture straps to ensure bookcases and dressers don't accidentally tip over. These are a boon as its amazing how many furniture items are unstable in the presence of a robust toddler.

Products differ in terms of ease of installation so check out the product reviews before making a final choice!

Good luck with your browsing!

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